CGolden wrote:

> What was the exact error message you received?
> If it was something similiar to “your system is unsuitable for
> running MS-DOS programs”, there is a workaround available on
> Microsoft’s site. We can also email you the same workaround, it
> this is the error. It’s actually ALL MS-DOS programs that won’t
> run if that is the error you are recieving.
> If it was an error that said “an application has tried to
> directly access the disk”, then you have Fast Access set to ON
> in the NewViews shell menu (where you see BOOKS, BACKUP BOOKS,
> etc.). You would go to OPTIONS there and hit on fast
> access to change the setting to NO.

> Post Edited (03-09-05 13:08)

Before I moved the NV 1.40c set of books over to C:NV141, I checked to ensure that Fast Access was set to off. That’s the way version 1.40c works.

When I try to load NV 1.41, the screen goes black, there is a beep and then a window pops up titled ” 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem”. It has a message “NV The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instrauction. CS:2035 IP:370a OP:0f 25 4a 3e 02 Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application..

If I ignore or close, the window disappears