Hi Martin

The process I was thinking is

nv1 to nv2.08.16
nv2.08.16 to nv2.09.06

From the test I have done it seems that the problem is not with nv2 but the nv1 to nv2 script in nv2.09

The database seems to convert to 2.09.06 with no problem from nv2.08.16

I am in the process of converting a 340 meg set of books tonight.
I will see what the results are in the morning.

Looking forward to the update.

The use of a USB drive does work better , from 1 hour per batch with internal drive to 23 min with USB.

A ram drive will also work for conversion, 15 min per batch.
Set backup switch to backup to harddrive just in case of crash.