Greetings NV1 forum. I heartily endorse fsaldana’s views. I used NV1 in my Veterinary practice in Canberra Australia since 1989. I only used it as general ledger to prepare my accounts for my accountant and, to be honest, nothing went wrong.

Mind you very few updates to “test” the system so to speak, however I have done a “sea change” in 2002, sold the business and now use NV to keep track of my share-trading – which it does really well.

HOWEVER the Australian distributor tossed in NV at least 7 or 8 years ago because of a lack of windows product, and a lack of Oz payroll support. So in many ways the Australian user’s felt very isolated, especially in the payroll area. You may notice the unchanging note that QW Page are looking for an australian distributor. Which is a worry for WHENEVER the new product is released ???

I too have had problems with printing from windows, especially as my printer has gone from a dot-matrix in DOS, to a colour laser in XP. I have done the NVprnq but not tested it yet.

Interestingly when I did “autoprz” it altered the background colours and header colours in my version.

One thing that would have been useful 10 years ago:

– The ability to “f” key a default date for entering cheque and invoice details, so I didn’t have to enter the date every time – I would assume it has been done, but “down here” we ain’t seen it.

I notice that David had his knuckles rapped for not being “nice”. Is this the Canadian way?? I shudder to think what Canadians would think of Australians who DEFINITELY call a “spade a bloody spade !!”.

Having sounded as though I am critical, I will say the NV was the easiest accounting program for this “non – accountant” type to learn – by far.

Phil Creagh