HI Phil ,

I am glad you will test / use the nvPRNq . It does have a few exotic “bugs” which is why its called “Beta Testing”. BUT they are at the Windows Printer API end. A finished product will be ready soon (few weeks). Personally I think its exciting there is now a way to print Letterhead, logos, color, different fonts – all from the NewViews templates. ( Hmm, maybe I need a more diversified life ? )

Changing backgrounds and more specialized parsing is something I’ve been doing for over 10 years. I got tired of all the complexities to manually produce new business forms (moving a few Y/N boxes could take several hours) and so I wrote Autoline – and a new ParseX ( => ParseQ). It took significant time to write them and the supporting tools necessary – but the time required to produce a new form dropped 99%

And I’ve also produced several other significant tools that can extend the life and use of NV1. But for whatever reasons, QW Page is not overtly eager to promote any NV1 functionality. Personally I think they are missing a large PR and Marketing opportunity (but that’s only me).

Thanks for noticing – The story of the “Emperor’s Clothes” comes to mind – I have tough knuckles, and its not the first time (and not likely the last). I have been very vocal in the past – and will continue to do so in the future. BUT politically – one catches more with Honey than Vinegar.