>Author: DEholnikof (HSE-Montreal-ppp3465488.sympatico.ca)
>Date: 04-21-04 10:37

>It is a bit “dis heartening” to see that the good folks at QW Page – do not / >did not give any answers AND are taking so long to reply to such simple >questions.

>Could It be that they do not read the forums as often as they should ?

1. We’re busy. We don’t have time to talk. A finished product is all we care about.

2. This (NV1) forum is here for users to discuss NV1 in, with hopefully helpfull input from resellers or more experienced users.

3. This (NV1) forum is not here for resellers to speculate about our financial stability, or to peddle their competitive wares.

4. We may look in from time to time, but this forum is not ‘moderated’, censored, edited, whatever. Judging by some of the attitutes and posts we see from time to time, perhaps it should be.

Bob Halpin