Hmm, – I still stand by this statement !
>Could It be that they do not read the forums as often as they should ?

1 – No one doubts you’re busy – and the importance of completing the NV2 project.

2 – Given that very few know about this forum, it is starting to pickup. AND the “Experienced Users & CC, Etc) do provide most of the answers. BUT some of the questions can only be answered directly by QW Page – the rest of us can only speculate . . . .

3 – I agree competitive wares should not be peddled here. FYI – I thought long and hard when creating new products and the questions of “Competing or Enhancing” for the methodology / design structures.

ALL my products Enhance and Require NV1 to work. NONE of my products work without NV1 nor replace NV1. Even the pseudo multi-user requires NV1, Or it Does Not Work, Period ! So I know, you can not be speaking about any of my products, for the “competitive wares”

4 – Attitudes? Censor? NV1 is a Great Product !!!!!! Bar None !!! BUT communications with the Channel Partners has never been QW Pages strong point. Perhaps killing the messenger when talking about the Emperors new clothes, is a solution to consider? When Teaching / Supervising – I have always tried to impress “Bring the problems, but take time to bring some solutions, too”

IF YOU Do not have the time to moderate, etc – then why not follow my past suggestions of appointing a “Forum Moderator” who QW Page will give direct access for various questions. then nominate / give considerations to Henry – he is an excellent choice – knowledgeable, well tempered, and a good writer

The purpose of the forum should be to express real concerns And/Or finding solutions to problems. – it should not be for “bashing” anyone including QW Page – enough said !

Sincerely Yours

BHalpin wrote:
> 1. We’re busy. We don’t have time to talk. A finished product is all we care about.
> 2. This (NV1) forum is here for users to discuss NV1 in, with hopefully helpfull input from resellers or more experienced users.
> 3. This (NV1) forum is not here for resellers to speculate about our financial stability, or to peddle their competitive wares.
> 4. We may look in from time to time, but this forum is not ‘moderated’, censored, edited, whatever. Judging by some of the attitutes and posts we see from time to time, perhaps it should be.

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