>We may look in from time to time, but this forum is not ‘moderated’, censored, edited, whatever. Judging by some of the attitutes and >posts we see from time to time, perhaps it should be.

Brrrrrrrrr! David, if you (and now probably I) should suddenly disappear from this forum, we’ll understand.

Seriously, perhaps we have been bitching too much and the folks at QW Page are too absorbed in NV2 to read between the lines and notice that we all love their product or we’d not be posting here. In my case, I think it’s a case of disappointment that such a great program has never fully lived up to its potential. In 1985 (I think it was) NV was named one of PC Magazine’s Products of the Year. Since then, 8 or 10 versions of Windows have come and gone. NV Journal, a noble effort, is no more. Deadline after deadline has passed without a new version. Yet NV1 still beats most of the accounting software on today’s market. I know it’s the oldest, most stable and most used program on my computer. I wish I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent staring at its blue screen. I take my hat off to its creators and wish those working on NV2, in the words of a Spanish toast, “salud, pesetas y tiempo para gastarlas.”

Please excuse the levity. It’s Saturday night and I may have raised my own glass too many times.

RR Johnson