What more could be said?
I think you sum it up, quite well – but it is something that every CC has told them countless times.

Perhaps you know or don’t – NV1 also took a long time too. NV2 has not always been the same “development product”. IT had several restarts – from scratch, and (I belive) 2 almost completed versions that were abandoned because they just were not good enough.

Phil – and many others at QW Page, would likely agree that I am one of their noisiest critics. So trust me on this one – the timing has not gone unnoticed.

I hate to see anybody leave NV1 – and its also one of the reasons I – and others have been quietly working away in the background producing add-on products to extend and enhance the NV1 package.

In alpha testing – there is a method to export all the contents of an NV1 books into a MS Access Database. Then all the possible features of windows can be included. Perhaps it’s redundant, certainly such products have a limited life – NV2 will include all the same features – and none of them are easy to do.

Like you, we hope the NV2 will be released soon.


FSaldana wrote:
> I frankly am tired of waiting. More importantly, having waited
> for this program for 8 years, my confidence in what the product
> actually do, and the safety of NV2 has been severely
> undermined. It is really hard to understand how any windows
> product could be in development for such a long period of time,
> during which Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and now
> Windows XP have come and gone. Maybe after Longhorn!
> NV! is a wonderful product that I have used exclusively for 17+
> years without a serious problem and without a single failure.
> That inspires confidence in THAT product – but is really
> archaic.