As for the Warning Message – it would have been better called “Information” or “NOTE”
While it is true that no transported NV1 Procedure will run in NV2 – I would strongly suggest bringing the entire set of books including all the procedures because often hidden information resides in the “Record View” such as Company Name.


CGolden wrote:
> Hi Walt.
> When I asked before about this warning, I was told that the
> only reason it’s even displayed is that some users may choose
> to not bother bringing over this extra information if it’s a
> procedure that is no longer used/needed. I had a user with the
> same warning call me and they chose to delete the procedure
> rather than bother dealing with it in NV2. It’s all the user’s
> choice. You can leave it and ignore the warning or delete the
> procedure(s) that give you the warning before exporting if you
> never plan to use it again. I guess the reason for the warning
> was just that they were trying to bring it to a user’s
> attention, but I can appreciate why you were concerned/puzzled.
> Regards,
> Craig