Where there is a will there is a way.

First Purge all transactions uptill the last history date ie. 13 03 1996
ATYPE and NOTES as per normal
NVEXPORT as per normal untill it quits on error.
rename the NV1_NV2 file
go to Procedure ~VEXPORT.1
switch to Procedure veiw

edit to
@declare x=120
@mov x=100

This disables the History export
Run NVEXPORT again . It should then export the transation data

With Notepad.exe (be sure that wrap is turned off) Edit the first NV1_NV2 and corect the account holding the erronius balance.

Then Edit the second NV1_NV2. Search for journalentry{ using Ctrl Shift Home block to the top of document and delete.

Switch back to the First NV1_NV2 and select all and copy. Switch to the Second NV1_NV2 and Past at the begining. Be sure there are no blank lines.

save and Use NV INPort.

A vereation on this would allow multiple books to be consolidated to form corporate book. (maybe next week).