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    I have been trying to export my NV1 books, and have come up with errors in the books

    Fatal: Account history error(s) found!

    Mar 96 1000.00- ERROR: Period does not balance

    At this point the export stop. If the export were to continue it would not take much effort to repair the errors as the data is in text format and the error is allways in old purged history. IE 1 opening balance.

    Is there any way to continue the export?



    Where there is a will there is a way.

    First Purge all transactions uptill the last history date ie. 13 03 1996
    ATYPE and NOTES as per normal
    NVEXPORT as per normal untill it quits on error.
    rename the NV1_NV2 file
    go to Procedure ~VEXPORT.1
    switch to Procedure veiw

    edit to
    @declare x=120
    @mov x=100

    This disables the History export
    Run NVEXPORT again . It should then export the transation data

    With Notepad.exe (be sure that wrap is turned off) Edit the first NV1_NV2 and corect the account holding the erronius balance.

    Then Edit the second NV1_NV2. Search for journalentry{ using Ctrl Shift Home block to the top of document and delete.

    Switch back to the First NV1_NV2 and select all and copy. Switch to the Second NV1_NV2 and Past at the begining. Be sure there are no blank lines.

    save and Use NV INPort.

    A vereation on this would allow multiple books to be consolidated to form corporate book. (maybe next week).



    Where there is a will there is a way – to blow your head off.

    For those of you that have not seen this export error, the full text is:


    Fatal: Account history error(s) found!

    Dec 96 0.00
    Dec 97 1000.00
    Dec 98 0.00
    Dec 99 0.00
    Dec 00 0.00
    Dec 01 0.00
    Dec 02 0.00
    Dec 03 0.00
    Dec 04 0.00
    Jan 05 0.00
    Feb 05 0.00
    Mar 05 0.00
    Apr 05 0.00
    May 05 0.00
    Jun 05 0.00
    Jul 05 0.00
    Aug 05 0.00
    Sep 05 0.00
    Oct 05 0.00
    Nov 05 0.00
    Dec 05 0.00
    Jan 06 0.00
    Feb 06 0.00
    Mar 06 0.00
    Apr 06 0.00
    May 06 0.00
    Jun 06 0.00
    Jul 06 0.00
    Aug 06 0.00
    Sep 06 0.00
    Oct 06 0.00
    Nov 06 0.00
    Dec 06 0.00

    Total 1000.00

    The history of these books is out of balance.
    This error can only be corrected by Q.W.Page Support.
    The books cannot be converted to NV2 until this error is corrected.

    The error indicates that the NV1 books have a fundamental problem –
    the debits do not equal credits for one or more periods. This is
    usually the result of data corruption in the past.

    This does occur in some books – and we can repair the data, for a fee.

    Mr. Pope’s reccomendation is worrysome on several counts, only two of which we address below.

    First, he counsels you to purge your books, but doesn’t suggest making a backup
    first, or working on a copy of the books. Since purging is a non-reversable
    operation, users will have permanenly lost transaction detail.

    Second, he suggests you alter the export procedures, and then manually edit the exported data files. This is undocumented territory, and the results are undefined. If NV1 Import fails, or you are not happy with the result then Q.W. Page cannot be held accountable. Also, any efforts we undertake on your behalf to sort out the result will be billable at the rate of $95.00/hour.

    The final point regards the idea of consolidating multiple sets of books
    during an import. Below is an excerpt from the NV2 Manual:

    Appendix A – Version History -> What’s Coming, point 4:

    – NewViews for DOS Multi-books Merge

    Q.W.Page has encountered situations where NewViews for DOS users have multiple databases say one per branch, department or store location. These NewViews for DOS databases are of course currently being used with single-user access. Often import/export facilities are used to transfer data between them.

    Q.W.Page is currently testing a feature that allows these databases to be imported into the same NV2 database. The databases are merged in such a way that they are clearly partitioned in the resulting NV2 database, but extensive consolidation features become available. In addition, the resulting database will be multi-user and access will be controlled using the NV2 security system.

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