As a long time CC, I have a few “learned” opinions – to your questions.
BUT Really QW Page should be providing answers.

WGray wrote:
> Since, QW Page does not want to respond to questions concerning the
> NVEXPORT program,
Hmm – I think they are just slow to respond. I’m a cc, and sometimes they are slow through this forum to even my questions.

>does anyone know the reason(s) for the warnings that come up related to
> locally brewed procedures?
The very first draft of the export proc saw this as an error, and so it continues as a “Warning”

> For instance, “Procedure INCCOMP has 1088 source lines?” is a warning I
> received after running the recently revised NVEXPORT.
Ah – any proc with more than 1,000 lines will generate this Warning Note.

> This warning apparently has no “error” meaning and my understanding is
> the current procedures will not convert, so I am curious as to why these
> type of warnings would even come up.
– None of the existing NV1 procs will be converted. They must all be re-written in the NV2 Procedure language.

As to why the warnings still come up . . . That is a darn good question !!


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