Thanks for the reply. Deleting transactions to free up space is not an option for us. The books have been purged up to Dec 31, 2009 and the only remaining transactions are current year 2010 transactions. These absolutely cannot be deleted as it will cause our books to be completely inaccurate for year end purposes. The converted set of books will not be accurate either and deleted transactions would take months to re-enter into NV2. This would not be an option.

The only option that I can see is to have to build a completely new set of books with opening balances. This sort of defeats the purpose of converting and having history information in the books.

But my question remains, “Why would I receive the error message that the books have reached the maximum size when NV2 is exporting all data to the NV1_NV2 file which is not apart of the dos books database file? I realize that the books have reached their maximum size I just do not understand why NVEXPORT needs block space within the NV1 set of books to export into a completely different file for the NV2 format.

I remain confused.