Ok, Thanks Bob,
I am surprised that over the years, you did not get more complaints (or simply nobody ever parses them?) ?

My work-a-round was to allow the AutoPrz to have an “Exception List” on the notes view and simply excluded the “offending templates”. (Which actually worked out, quite well ! )
Opening the Parsing Routines for changes – (for me) is not something I really want to do. And I can’t image you want to also.

These seem to be the only “offending templates” – but I don’t know if they’re US ? (I really have not worked with payroll for several years)

If possible, a full list of the “bad” templates, would be nice (if you have it?) for all places?

Even without “re-parsing the new way” – the nvPRNq will capture any output and print – providing “something / anything” was previously printed – which included a Serial Number. Then nvPRNq holds this to be the valid number for the entire nvPRNq session. This was done to handle printing “things” that do not come from a template (such as ~DP or ~BP .