For all but ~T4L.TPL:

The name of the procedure the template is meant to be used with is at the front of the template’s description. In all these cases it is PAYT4 (after you strip off the ~.)

When you tell PARSE to parse any of these, it calls PAYT4 to obtain the slot list for that template.

PAYT4 *used* to be the proc that priinted T4s, but changed several years ago to a menu from which you could choose T4PRINT (the *real* T4 printing proc), T4CHECK, T4PREP, and T4SUM.

So, when PARSE calls PAYT4 it ignores the fact that PARSE is running and puts up it’s prompt.

Possible Solutions:

– In the next update I could make PAYT4 “parse aware”, and have it call T4PRINT and return the slot list. (Would work, but only in books where the Payroll update is installed, which won’t be all books.)

– You could examine the @external statement in T4PRINT, and ignore the template if the version number was over a given value (I could supply you with the versions.)

You are going to run into the same thing with U.S. Payroll as weel, I should think.