Information on how to Pay Payroll Withholdings can be found in the NewViews 2.0 manual under Payroll > Canada Payroll > Using Payroll > Remitting Withholdings.

A layout of a typical Payroll Withholdings report can be found in the Demobooks by viewing demo_canada.nv2 either from your NV2 workstation or by clicking on Demobooks from the NewViews 2.0 menu.

You could set one up manually from the example under Reports > Payroll > Withholdings or you can block all from the Account > Setup and then Block Copy and save it to a unique settings name and then copy the layout to the windows clipboard. In your application database, create a report with the same name from Report > Folder Management. Click on the Report, and from the blue account setup screen issue Block Paste and then Load from Clipboard. Paste the contents to your new withholdings report and alter appropriately.