Payables and purchases are coded to AR codes when they occur or as the invoice is entered. Some are coded directly to Payroll, this is up to the client.

We’ve set up a Payroll Deduction Ledger and items like Store Deductions, Loans, Car Deductions, etc, for each employee is entered and saved using BLKCOPY (Ctrl F5).

Before each payroll these deductions are copied with BLKPASTE (Ctrl F6) and the amounts changed if needed. They also use GOX (F9) to check the AR’s to ensure the deductions is correct.

Often early pay cheques are given so the deductions must be dated early.

Advances are coded directly to the Employee Payroll account and do not have to be re-entered.

Items like Group Ins is entered to the payroll at the AP ledger and only done once a month (the entry is entered for two pay periods and the company portion as an expense).

They prefer this method because the deductions are in one area and easily reviewed. In addition there is a code for each employee and they rarely miss an employee deduction.

Thanks for you input David.