> The only way I have found that works is to define
> my column by month and then insert the monthly budget
> amount and then redefine the column for the next month.

If you work on the Multiple-Period Analysis or Custom Analysis with the columns set to the 12 months of the year, then you can work across a row setting the twelve months without the bother of changig the column dates from one month to the next.

If you are entering budgets on multiple reports, click on NewViews > Report so that you get the ‘brown’ table of reports in the right-pane. Activate one report and in the account (blue) window below, set the analysis to the twelve months you are budgeting. Now, when you click from one report to the next in the top pane, the bottom pane will alway’s have the same analysis settings. (As is opposed to clicking an individual report in the left pane where the setup for each report is independant of the others.)