Run NewViews and cursor down to Options and press enter. Press enter on Diskette drive which by default comes with A: – change it to your CD ROM drive and press enter. This will work if you have a program installed on your system called Direct CD which writes files to a CD using backup books.

If you do not have this program or can not find it. You can still backup your books to a CD-R or CD-RW CD by using windows explorer on your system. Open windows explorer and copy the books folder (right mouse click copy) and then navigate to the CD ROM drive and right mouse click Paste. CLick File > Burn to begin burning the backup to the CD.

As for printing, ensure that your printer can print from DOS and it is connected via a parallel cable (connected to LPT1). If it is connected via a USB port and or the printer is windows only you can try to create a share name for printer icon on your system by clicking the sharing tab under your windows start button > printers and faxes > your printer and right mouse click properties. WHen the properties window appears, click the sharing tab and share the printer and specify a share name. For example HP1200 might be a share name you could enter.

Once done, open a command prompt (windows start > All Programs > Accessories) on your system and enter the following and press enter:

net use LPT1 \computer nameHP1200 /PERSISTENT:YES

The command must return successful if your are going to use LPT1 as file name in your Print Options (/PO). Note, computer name above can be obtained by right mouse clicking on your My Computer Icon on your desktop and clicking properties.

There are third party printing programs available if you are unable to get the sharing to work on your system. Below is a list from which you can choose from and you can also search the web for others.



Below are links to some programs that were written to combat the recent issues with Windows only and USB printers not printing from MS-DOS programs. These programs are not written or supported by Q.W. Page Associates. We are providing these links ONLY as a service to our NewViews users who have a printer that will not understand MS-DOS print jobs.