if you’re using the nvPRNq – you can do this in a few simple steps.
1 Map your network printer to the local workstation.
2 Make the network printer your default.
3 Launch the nvPRN program – then NewViews

Assuming you can print any other document to this printer, then NewViews with the nvPRN can also.

You can get a free demo at http://www.prgms.com/newviews/nvPRNq/Beta2/index.html

Regards David

GSullivan wrote:

> I have a network printer that I would love to get newViews to
> print to. It is a simple peer to peer network and a Lexmark
> forms printer.
> I currently use the the Lexmark when printing from the computer
> NewViews is installed on from NewViews, when that computer is
> in use I would like to print to the Lexmark through NewViews
> from the peer computer.
> So far I have come up blank on getting it to print from the
> peer computer.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Geneva