I think I’ll have to give up. I seem to have learned far more than I wanted to know about net use, but not enough to get it to work. If my printer is returning error codes, and it very well could be because my NewViews program is from 1993 and my HP2200 is probably only 6 years old, I’m in for trouble. Hasn’t everybody els had problems lining up their print pages?
I’ve also noticed that New Views is “freezing” at least once a day. This occurs when I have left the NV DOS window open and come back to it after doing other things in windows 2007. I just think Microsoft is trying to push everyone out of DOS.
Over the long week-end, Presidents Day, for you’ll enjoying the Alberta clipper, I tried someone’s suggestion to employ DOS2USB.com’s program. The best part was it worked, and it allowed me several new formats. There were, though, three drawbacks. First, whenever I print, a dialog box appears asking me to type in an access key while another dialog box informed me I could print 50 times before buying). The second drawback was paying for the $20 product. The cost was reasonable, but I had to pay a firm in India through a Los Angeles intermediary. I wanted to pay using paypal, but the intermediary wanted my Paypal info (and password) so that they could “who knows what??”. The next day I noticed I had recieved an email from India asking if I liked the program? I asked if I could use PayPal, and what was their PayPal email (for those unfamiliar with PayPay, if you agree to a PayPal account, the PayPal company associates a credit card, checking account, or mailing address with a unique email address. A person can then make payments by going to the PayPal websight, signing in, and requesting that they send, in this case $23.00 to paypal@dos2usb.com). Hopefully, I’ll recieve the access key shortly. The third drawback is that the program sometimes printed on its own, especially when I was using NV’s import function. The printer output was one line per page, and required me to turn off the printer, wait for NV to unfreeze, close NV, or the window (we no longer get the “closing this window may not shut down NV correctly” type message). And reboot my computer to get back control.
Now I can’t even print. I don’t know what happened to the DOS2USB program. It no longer shows up.

I really hate to buy the NV windows program. But I may have to. I’m just a small consulting firm, and too old to learn another program.

Is it really hard to convert from NV DOS to NV Windows? Its the middle of end-of the year time, and I really can’t go to school in Markham right now because it is too &*^#%$ cold!!!