> I think I’ll have to give up.

I (and many others,) know that feeling.

> If my printer is returning error codes, and it very well could be because my NewViews program is from 1993 and my HP2200 is probably only 6 years old, I’m in for trouble.

The relative age of the software and the printer really have no bearing. I’m using an HP 3330 and al is *usually* well. One in a while (like every couple of months) I’ll boot-up and cannot print. “Clobbering” the system with net use lpt1 /delete and then net use lpt1 \computerprinter /persistent:yes sets it straight again. Why? Who knows – but I could grow old and die before I ever figured it out.

> Hasn’t everybody els had problems lining up their print pages?

This is a separate problem and, thankfully, much easier to fix. But let’s make sure we’re on the same page (pun intended) here. Net use and all it’s ‘niceties’ is strickly concerned with getting output to the printer. Once that is happening then HOW the putput looks (ie: lining up print pages) is a new issue – one that you would face with any printer hookup (even under plain old DOS.)

So, if you’re having problems with ‘lining up pages’ then give some specifics and I/we will help.

> I’ve also noticed that New Views is “freezing” at least once a day. This occurs when I have left the NV DOS window open and come back to it after doing other things in windows 2007.

What’s going on here is the ‘chunk’ of memory NV is running in has likely been swapped out to disk to make room for the memory required by active programs. When you switch back to NV Windows has to swap something else out, then read in the memory for the NV session from disk. The less memory you have, the more this will happen. Conversly, the more memory you have, the less this will happen. If you system is 512 Mb, then an easy fix is to pop in another 512 Mb. (Or, go from 1 Gb up to 1.5 or 2.)

> I just think Microsoft is trying to push everyone out of DOS.

Yup, and you can hear the screams all over the Internet from users of all sorts of DOS programs.

> I tried someone’s suggestion to employ DOS2USB.com’s program.

I have managed to avoid using this program – and will continue to based on your experience, and the complaints I see on the Internet from others that have tried it. There are some who love it – and that’s great for them. But to me it seems like a bit of a waste to buy and install a program to allow you to print to a printer (HP 2200) that is perfectly capable of working with a DOS program already. It adds another layer of complexity with the result that if something doesn;t work you now have another thing to fiddle with.

> Now I can’t even print. I don’t know what happened to the DOS2USB program.
> It no longer shows up.

Google DOS2USB and you will probably find others who have experienced similar problems and if you’re lucky a solution is there as well.

Good luck!

Bob Halpin