It might help if we knew the windows version you are using.
A few things that you could try.

At the command prompt type “net view” without the quotes

This will give you a response of all computers on the network.

Is your computer listed (PRESARIO) ?
If it is type “net view \PRESARIO” without the quotes

You should see the shares on your computer

Is the printer listed (NEWVIEW1) ?

If it is listed this is the command
“net use lpt1 \PRESARIONEWVIEW1 /persistent:yes” without the quotes

Depending on your operating system the “yes” after persistent should be a “Y” instead. You can also change “lpt1” to lpt2,lpt3,lpt4 or any other number that is not in use.

If the net view commands does not respond with “PRESARIO” and “NEWVIEW1” the sharing is not setup properly.

This will only print if the printer does have an internal font. I have 2 printers that will not print like this.