We cannot explain this problem as we were unaware until a client brought it to our attention that they had a problem with their GL not balancing. Once we reviewed the books, we could see that this must have been one of the “rare” case mentioned in the problem bug fixes for Version2.16 service pack 3. The proof shows the books have a variance, when in fact there is no variance. We immediately reorganized the account history and this corrected the problem. However, in the last two weeks, we have encountered the same problem on 4 sets of books we maintain. Our concern is that in every instance we did not know that we had a problem, and that we may have this trouble on other books- since we manage a multitude of books, this can be a major issue. How should we proceed? I assume that the” fix” in 16.3 has not worked in our case, is there another on the way?
Any help would be appreciated.