Yes there is now one setting that is global for all Reports, Accounts, and Journals (which are classes within the books). The windowing structure of these classes are fewer than there were in 2.08 which makes a Default Setup run faster and if needed to run again it perform the default setup task at about one third the time it did in 2.08.

To overcome your problem, go to your Balance Sheet amd set the Report as you would like to see it and then press F11 which will display the Define Columns window. Click the new button and add a description in the Current Settings field and press enter to Save. To this for your other reports.

Once done, you can click the account button and you will see your custom report description appear in the list. Click on it to restore your setting for that report.

Account, Journal, and Payroll will have have it’s own settings that are not shared with Report so you can customize each class un the NewViews Folder.