Hi Bob,
Thanks for the reply. Under normal circumstances you would be correct…that they would be considered suppliers. However being in the construction industry our company provides services based on supply and install. Our company supplies all materials and our subcontractors supply labour only. Our company sets the labour rates that are paid to our installers depending on what is being installed. Hence different rates for different installers. Under NV1 we are able to use and post various labour rates and other expenses and deductions for, ie tool purchases to job cost accounts and installer “payroll accounts”. There can be upwards of 10 to 15 different accounts depending on what is being installed. We use the term payroll accounts that are on a subcontractors payroll report for convenience only. This has been accomplished through my complex programming within NV1. Labour rates etc. are chosen from procedure screens that are called during processing of individual work orders. The “payroll accounts” then total to various labour and other expense accounts on various reports. Just to clarify, this situation is not a normal “payroll” scenario with income tax, cpp and ei type deductions.

While testing NV2 I’m finding that the process of entering labour rates based on quantities of materials installed, ie number of square feet, is somewhat cumbersome and time consuming. Not being able to use the pick command to set up materials used and labour rates or price lists from within the “quantity and rate fields” which to chose from makes this extremely time consuming on a keyboarding and entering basis.