First, I have to assume you are attempting to feed the T4 ‘flat’ sheets through the dot-matrix printer. I say this because, to my knowledge, the tractor-feed multi-part T4 forms for use in dot-matrix printers are no longer available. Assuming this is correct, I have my doubts you will succeed unless your printer has a cut-sheet feeder.

But …

In general, the T4 template does not usually require any modification – assuming you are printing at 10 characters per inch (horizontally) and 6 lines per inch vertically. If you are not sure what print size you are getting, get out a ruler and measure the printing from your printer. If it’s not the numbers just mentioned, then you will likely need to fix this before any template modifications will bear fruit. The line-spacing is the most important – anything other than 6 lines per inch and you are in a world of hurt.

Next, my advice is to work with the T4PRINT settings “Forms per page”, which should be 2, and gap between forms. The latter will take some experimenting with – it is the distance (in lines) between the bottom of the 1st T4 and the top of the 2nd – and experimenting with this setting is necessary to get the proper vertical alignment of the two forms. Also, the setting “Laser Printer”, if set to “Yes”, will cause a form-feed after every 2nd form (assuming forms per page is set to 2, which it should be.) If you have a cut-sheet feeder, then probably this should be set to “Yes”.

If you are hand-feeding the forms, then you will probably only be able to print the T4s in batches of two. That means block two employees at a time if the “Copies per employee” is set to 1, or block a single employee if the “Copies per employee” is set to 2.

That’s the best I can suggest – I have never done this, nor heard of it being done successfully. But, that’s not to say it can’t be done.

Good luck.