You can copy the database files from the current folder to a new folder and then in your workstation insert a new line and choose the path to the new folder.

Go into the new books in NV2 and then right mouse click Tools > Script Evaulate

an explorer tree will be displayed. Find the script


which is located in C:/NV2/NV20.exe/System

Note: C:/NV2/ is the NV2 installation folder/directory. Substitute this path tp where you have installed NV2. For example, if installed in N:NV run the script database_id_set.qw_script which will be found in:


Note, any transactions that where present in the original books will appear in these new books.

In a future release of NV2 there will be a method to create a template of an existing set of books based on an existing set of books without transactions like there was in NV1.