Hello Ruth,

Thomas is correct. You will need to create a custom report in NV2 to print to Excel.

Start by selecting the report you wish to print to Excel and then menu select from the blue report table Window > Define Columns. In the displayed window, click the New button and when prompted rename the current settings name to something unique and press enter. The new current settings name that you had entered will become your new Accounts > Report Name.

Remove the columns that are not needed by clicking on a value in the column and then press the Ctrl key and the delete key at the same time. Click the Delete Column button when prompted or Delete and Disable Prompt button (this will not prompt prompt you the next time you delete a column). Remove all of the columns you wish and then menu select Window > Define Columns and then press enter on your current settings name to save your changes.

By doing the above, you can now select the Accounts button to toggle between your custom report and the defaults NV2 provides.

Regards to All,