I’m betting if I look for this in the documentation I’ll have a hard time findint it, so …

You can place any ‘odd’ character you like on a template using the @chr() statement. For example, to get the ‘@’ needed in an e-mail address you would do this:

Run the ASCII procedure to find the ASCII # of the @ character (64)

Put the following on the template:


Parse the template

@chr() can also be used to place a sequence of characters on a template, such as a printer instruction sequence. To do this you separate the character numbers with a comma. eg: @chr(10,20,30). This would send characters 10, 20, and 30 to the printer. You can use this to do things like turn bold on or off, etc. But you have to find the correct sequence for your particular printer, which is pretty easy since there are really only two command sets: Epson & Hewlett Packard.

While we’re at it, there’s another couple of commands that can be placed on tempates:

@prn(HP10P) Start using the HP10P printer

@prc(MYPROC) Call the procedure MYPROC

Hope this all helps.