On the right pane window (explorer), you use your mouse to navigate within your NV2 books. If you click on NewViews > Accounts > Accounts Payable – you should see a listing of your AP Vendors (top right Blue table). Under the blue table (if you click on a particular vendor), you will see a green table (Vendor ledgers). Clicking on a particular ledger will show you the associated distributions (pink table) that make up that ledger. Click on a distribution item and press F9 will place in you in the cross account of that distribution (in NV1 this would be GOX).

Each window can be maximized/minimized by clicking the maximize/minimize button on the right side of each window. The F7 key maximizes the actibve window and F8 restores all windows on your screen. See Help KeyBoard (keystrokes ALT HK) for more information.