I have now completed steps d through f on another Win7 computer with the exact same results. The attempt to access the data files generated an internal error #7 – code ZR. (I didn’t attempt the reorg – assumed it would also generate the ZR error.)

However, this machine was originally a Windows Vista machine that was upgraded to Win7. When I tried to access the same data files with a copy of the NewViews program that was copied onto the machine prior to the upgrade (i.e. the program files were copied onto the machine under Windows Vista not under Win7) then I was able to gain access to the data files without any problem (the exact same data files that generated the error when using the program files that were copied under Win7).

So, it would appear that the problem arises due to the way that the program files are copied under Win7. The only thing I think of is that I am copying the program files to a subdirectory of C:Program Files and there is a message that comes up saying I need Administrator access to complete the copy. I just click the Continue button on that message. Perhaps I should be doing something different?

Any assistance would be appreciated!