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    I noticed something that changed and it is causing me some problems. In a sales journal I have the journal (and the account I am posting to) set up to calculate the HST @ 13%. If I want to override the tax amount it changes the pretax amount. Hopefully this makes sense. It appears to me that in the past it was a sort of one way calculation – total amount and then x 13%, now it is a two way – it also allows to enter the tax amount and back track to the total amount.

    I can probably fix this by removing the tax amounts in the set up, but I do like the auto calculation, there are just some cases where I need to override the amount.

    If you need more details, just let me know.

    Thanks – Kristie


    Hi Kristie

    I am not a QW Page employee but I do install and teach NewViews.

    What you describe is not how the sales journal works but the way the purchase journal works. I have just confirmed it on a set of books.

    If you try to enter an Item total amount on the sales journal you will get an error.

    You can enter an after tax amount in the item total on the purchase journal and it will calculate the tax and before tax amount.
    At least that is how it is working on my copy of 2.19.

    Could you check again that you are on the sales journal and not on the purchase journal.



    Hi Thomas;

    It is in both the sales journal and purchases journal. I was getting so frustrated I called QW Page today. This is a modification made in this version for wherever there are tax calculations. My problem is that my books are ‘messy’ sometimes the vendor has charge tax yes, sometimes no, some posting accounts need tax all the time and sometimes not at all.

    Apparently they are working on a ‘switch’ that can turn the calculation on or off by the user. Hope it comes soon. There is a work around by entering the total first and then changing the tax. Doesn’t look right to me, plus it is a lot of back and forth. For now I am inserting a second line and post directly to my HST account or I have to go in and change every vendor/customer and posting account.

    Not too efficient.



    Hi Kristie

    I find this very frustrating too since I cannot reproduce what you describe, also I cannot find any reference to that type of change in the behavior change or bug fix.

    I hope Martin visits the forum soon to clarify this. I would love to know why you can change the item_total on the sales journal and I get an error if I try on Ver 2.19.



    Hello Everyone,

    Yes. There was a change in 2.19.0 which allows you to now overwrite the calculated tax amounts.

    In the Sales Journal, you can enter your amount of say 100.00 and the Tax 1 amount will be calculated for you at 13.00. You were always able to override the calculate Tax 1 amount and set it to 12.99 for example which adjusted the Item Total to 112.99. This behaviour was requested for the Purchase Journal by mnay users in the non-profit sector and USA users.

    Prior to 2.19.0, you would enter your details in the purchase Journal and enter your amount of 100 which would calculate the Tax 1 amount of 13.00. Attempting to change the Tax amount to 12.99 caused the amount expensed to be 100.01 which would balance to the Item Total of 113.00. There was no way to override the calculated tax and have the item expensed at 100. In 2.19.0 you can now override NewViews.

    To make this change easier, move the Item Total and Tax 1 Amount columns before the Amount Column by clicking on the column value and the press the keys Control (Ctrl) and the left arrow at the same time. This way you can work left to right when entering your values.

    In regards to the Sales Journal Item total amount, NV2 needs the amount to be entered or calculated from the quantity and item price for Inventory and Cost of Goods average price calculations.

    I hope this helps.

    Regards to All,


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