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    T4 box 14 seem to pickup data from other years or could be a math problem.
    I will do more testing tonight.

    Had to go back to 2.20 today to print T4’s for client.


    More info from test.

    Books were converted with 2.17
    Upgraded to 2.193
    Upgraded to 2.20
    Upgraded to 2.20.1

    All t4 info works ok until 2.20.1

    When I look at the employee accounts setup I now have 3 more accounts then on previous versions.

    Insurable hours , pensionable earnings and insurable earnings for each employee. I also now have the government total report showing.

    The t4 box 14 is now IH + PE + IE + regular salary.



    Click on the IH PE and IE accounts and under the Paycodes window, remove box 14 from T4 box.

    I am currently importing the NV1_NV2 file you had uploaded with the newly released update 2.20.2 which can be downloaded at

    Regards to All,



    Hi Thomas,

    I have imported the NV1_NV2 fiel using 2.20.2 and the Government Totals report does not appear and the IH PE and IE accounts do not appear in the employees payroll records.

    I suspect that the problem in 2.20.0 was with the T4A boxes that was fixed in 2.20.2. NV2 had two digit T4A box numbers prior to 2.20.0 and 2.20.0 requires three digit box numbers.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Regards to All,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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