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    I’m assuming that if we have some employees being paid by cheque and others by direct deposit – through a separate chequing account – that I would have to set up 2 separate payroll accounts, similar to bi-weekly and monthly employees? OR can I have all employees under one payroll (bi-weekly) and for those that want direct deposit change this information under Payroll > Canadian > Employee / Payroll Information items 22-25?

    Do I have to set up the Bank – EFT account infor under the Account > Bank > EFT Canada Info as well the information directly under each employee?


    The posting to the bank account is set from the Payruns window tab > Settings. You could process all employees under one bank account and then under the Pay Checks windows tab redirect the appropriate checks to the correct bank account.

    If you will be using NV2 to upload EFT Deposits to the bank, you will need to setup a separate bank account for EFT Information including the EFT Information for the employees. A separate EFT Payments journal should be used as well.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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