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    I have clients who can claim the full 7% GST on some purchases and only 50% of the GST paid on others. These may be from the same supplier and for the same expense items.

    I’ve setup a sepatate Purchase Journal for the 50%. In the Trade Information I’ve tried Rate 3.5 and Rebate 50. When I enter an invoice amount of $100.00 it increases the invoice amount to $103.50 for the, shows 3.50 at Supplier and Total of $107.00.

    NV1 clients will have to reverse their thinking from nv1 where they entered the full amount of the invoice including GST. TAXP then reduced the entry and separated out GST.

    The NV2 system works fine.

    Question 1. In the Trade Information I changed the Tax1 Description to “50% GST Paid” but noticed it did not change the Heading in the Transaction Jounal. How do we edit the Headings descriptions?

    Question 2. When I go the the expense account the “Journal” is listed as “Default” rather than “PO-50%” the Name I gave it when I opened the Sub Journal, why?

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    Go to the root Purchase Journal (NewViews > Journal > Purchase) and click the window pull down button and click trade information. Change your descriptions there. In a future release you will be able to change the description from trade information for that particular journal.

    To have the correct journal appear in each entry that you make, press insert which will insert a new row and click on journal, type your PO-50% which show you a select journal table and press enter on the correct journal. Now right mouse click Edit > Default Value > Set (or key strokes ALT EVS or Ctrl KW). This will set the PO-50% to come up each time you press insert.

    Press F9 on the entry in question (like NV1 GOX) is the entry you had mentioned the same entry you had entered?



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