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    Hi Martin, we are having the following difficulties on a set of books

    1-AP there is no amount figure in the “Setup” window.

    2 when we are in the “folder manager” for AP we get correct figures when we click on the name column but only some of the information when we click on the number column. Normally we get the ledger view when we click on the number. Also when we try to do a default setup we get an error. Books are working OK otherwise.

    Any ideas on correcting this problem, aside from setting up a new workstation

    Appreciate your help


    I am suspecting two things.

    1. Make sure the Respect Normal Rep is set to Yes by double clicking on the date title column. Assuming Normal Representation is set to Perpetual in the setup view of your AP accounts, you should now see all of the transactions in the Green Ledger explorer of your AP accounts.

    2. Right mouse click in the green ledger explorer and select View > Sorted By > Select index. Make sure the tag is set to financial and that there are no date ranges entered for begin and end date.

    What type of error message do you receive when performing the default setup of AP?

    Let me know.

    Regards to All,



    Hi Martin,

    We have tried both of your ideas, however:
    1- on the setup window, we do not have a date coumn, and have only 17 columns, in all other sets of books, we have 18 columns

    2- we have verified the view sorted by index, and that is OK

    We have copied the error- we are not able to paste to the forum, so will send you in an email. Version 2.20 is on this set of books.

    Thanks for your help Martin


    An Update.

    Create a new column using View > Analysis > New Column > Amount which added a new column showing the correct figures.

    Deleted the offending column (Ctrl + Delete) and moved the new column created above using Ctrl + Left Arrow keys.

    FYI to All and Regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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