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    In NV1, when I use the “PRTCHK” procedure to print cheques from the bank account, there is a window prompting for an address. I sometimes manually enter the address at this prompt window.

    Now in NV2, when I print cheques from the bank account, it doesn’t have this prompt window anymore. I am not sure how to delete or update the address in this area to print on the cheque.

    I tried to delete the address that’s in the “Notes” tab in the pink window of an AP account, but the address still prints on the cheques.

    I even tried to go to the “Shipping Address” tab, to purposely change to something different on the Name field, and leave the address fields blank. But the cheque is still printed with the information entered using the “PRTCHK” procedures from NV1, which NV2 doesn’t seem to have anymore.

    Where else in NV2 can I find this address information that is imported from NV1 so I can update the payee / address info?




    Go to the Vendors account in NewVIews > Account > Accounts Payable and click on the Address button of the vendor and update the address in this table.

    By doing this, you will override the NV1 stored settings.

    Regards to all,



    Thanks Marin,

    I start doing them now and will monitor to see if the same problem occurs.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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