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    Hi Martin

    I am trying to setup a set of books with job costing using allocation tags.

    I want to setup a expense report that has a standard set of posting accounts for job costing for all projects.

    Allocation tags will be used on the purchase journal for each jobs. When the job is finished the tag will be moved to inactive.

    The accountant asked how will we know that all purchases entered were allocated if someone forgets to select the tag ? It will only have a tag of financial.

    Could we have a switch that will prevent not entering an allocation on the distribution if there are allocation tags on the journal.


    A way of filtering entries with no allocation. (Financial.nul)


    Default allocation tag in the journal setting so the default tag is not just financial in the distribution.

    Could we also have the allocation tags available to sub journal.
    For example if I define an allocation tag on the sales journal all sub journal will be able to use the allocation tag.



    Hello Thomas,

    I can ask for this, but what you are asking for is additional rules for the particular user which can be cumbersome when trying to figure out your scenarios.

    I think a RULES addition to the User’s Profile is the answer.

    Linux has many rules which I agree and disagree with.

    Under Linux <Ubuntu, Red Hat, Xandros, others) one can lock oneself out of a system which I think NV2 should avoid.

    Do you have any ideas in regards to this subject?

    Regards to All!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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