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    Something I ran across (from my archives) – and thought it would be worth / nice to share !!

    Although many do not know, the ParseX (the original ParseQ) – was originally written to Auto generate code for screens which have lots of Fields. Clients were requesting screens with 20-30-40 or more fields. Anyone who has written a “NewViews Screen” knows how much work is required to “shuffle the fields” around – even changing a row – is / was not a minor rewrite!

    Ergo – ParseX was born – it is several thousand lines of code, but what a time saver. You could move a field, and the ParseX would rewrite the screen code in a few seconds. It saved 10’s of hours of work on a procedure screen!! (Plus – it would let us continue parsing the NV1.2/3 Older templates with out having to migrate / rewrite them! Now ParseX has migrated into ParseQ

    BUT – there was still no simple way to draw lines – YIKES ! More hours of typing “Alt 218” “Alt 196” and as if you could even remember all the Box Line Ascii code!! Then AUTOLINE was created (by us of course) !!

    AutoLine – One of our better technical tools (aside from ParseX) which really shows how NewViews Procedures could be pushed to the MAX !! And it was written circa 1992 !

    It really is a “hoot” to use this for drawing lines & boxes – I love watching it work, refuting all the “NAY Say’ers” about limits.

    So if any body wants to give Autoline a try – it can be found at
    for the next while. There are 2 Procs – which can be imported with “GetProcs”.

    Anybody who does use it – Please drop us a small email note – saying if they liked the program or not – It would be appreciate. Thanks



    Interesting stuff David.


    Nothing like pushing the limits to the max, eh?

    And its 12 years old !!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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