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    I have received calls from LONG time users of NV and many don’t realize the many helpful procedures which would have made their work easier. Here are some but not all of the great procedures as part of Basic NV package:

    APPLY – reconclies AR payments by First in First Out
    APPLYREF -reconciles AR payments by Invoice Number
    BLKCNT -counts number of items blocked (and will show the Total Amount)
    BLKCOPY – Copy Reports and Transactions (for retrieval later)
    BLKPASTE – Retrieves Blkcopy entries and creates new reports
    CALC – Calculator (nice features, press F1)
    CALENDAR – Brings up the Calander (lots of features press F1)
    COPYANA – copies Setup & Analysis dates to other reports
    DVSAMI – switches to another view, leaving cursor in same spot
    EXPSETUP – exports reports & accounts, which can be imported
    EXPTRANS – export transactions
    EXP123 – export the analysis view (can be imported into Excel)
    FILLCOL – copies current cell into blocked column
    FKEYS – setup for Function Key assignment (I use Ctrl F1 for this)
    GO – Go to a report or account (and see Total To’s)
    GOX – Love this one, takes you to cross account
    IMPORT – import items from EXPSETUP & EXPTRANS
    INTEREST – Calculate interest for AR’s
    JIG – help to create Macros
    JRBAL – enters offset entry for a journal entry
    NOTES – adds NameAddressTax status, etc to accounts
    PRTACCTS – prints transactions for selected dates and views
    PRTCHKS – prints bank cheques
    PRTINVS – prints invoices
    PRTPAY – prints AP cheques
    PRTSTMTS – prints AR statements
    REPORT – prints Formal reports, and no date restrictions
    RENAME – rename an account with no transactions
    SELECT – Great one, Bring up calander, calc, and Acct Lookup, depending upon curso position
    SETUPI – used to setup extra Invoice Input information
    SETUPP – Setup for GST paid
    SETUPS – Setup for GST collected & Invoices
    SHIFTANA – shift dates on Analysis View of reports

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