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    1. Blocking is one of the most used actions in NV and should be one of the simplest to preform (rather than the mickey mouse method currently required with the Right Click box).

    2. The Line or Row numbers serve no purpose (they were to be shown only temporarily), but why not put them to good purpose.

    3. As in other Windows programs allow the Left Click on the Line number to Block the row (without the need to use the Right Click box).

    4. Further if one Left Clicks a Line number and Drags down it will highlight a number of rows.

    5. How about activating the Shift and Ctrl keys also.

    6. Left Click a Line number to block, Hold Shift key down, Left Click another Line and the enclosed rows are blocked.

    7. Left Click a line number to block a row, Hold Ctrl key down, Left Click another Line number or several line numbers to block just those lines (would be useful in calculating selected employees to run payroll, while excluding others).


    You can also use your keyboard. ALT+BS and click (cursor to) the last item ALT+BE. The option to hide the menu could be a user configuration option.

    If you do not wish to see the Line/Row column, click on a value within the column and Ctrl+Del to remove the column from view. I like the column for sorting when reviewing a transaction and then reviewing the transaction in its placement in the cross account.

    See Help > Keyboard in regards to Shift and Control keys.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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