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    I selected books and instead of cursoring to the one I wanted, I automatically hit de (doc expand). I hit escape and now all I get when I select books is a list of the drives in my computer a: c: etc. If I select c:, it cannot find a set of books.

    I have successfully opened the books from a DOS prompt, but would like to get them back into the shell.

    Also – I found the books listed under the Make Books command. Selecting one of them askes me for a new file name.

    Appreciate your help yet again.


    At the c drive press / E, then arrow to the directory where nv is located and / E, arrow to your books and press Enter. NV will then save that location when next you press Enter at Books.


    I did as you suggested. When I press Enter on NV, the error message reads “no books found at c:NV”

    The books have “migrated” from Books to Make Books and present themselves as templates.


    Exactly where are your DATA files located? Normally a Sub-directory is created at NV. So the data files would be located at C:NV(name).

    Using the Shell you find the NV then Expand and you will see (name) of the Sub-directory where the data is located.

    If you have the DATA files in the NV directory than I’d suggest you create the Sub-dir and move the data into that area. You can do it from DOS or Windows Explorer.


    For all the years I have been using NV, I have used enter at Books, and there before me was a list of all my subdirectories. I would arrow to the one I wanted, hit enter, and the selected book would open.

    Now when I used enter at Books, I am faced with a list of my drives. If I select the c drive, it gives me a list of all the programs on the c drive, one of which is NV. If I arrow to NV and hit Enter, I get an error message: Cannot find books in c:NV

    I know the books are there, but they are not in the Books shell.

    If instead of Books, I select Make Books and /C (contract), all my books are listed, but they are listed as Templates! If I select one of the books, a window opens at the bottom: New Books Directory which wants the name of the new books. c:NV whatever. If I use the name of one of my original books, it says “no template files in c:NV whatever.

    So – somehow – my books are no longer listed under Books but under Templates. I know they are still in c:NV because I have successfully opened them using DOS. However, I can’t use backup or restore or reorganize etc. That’s my problem.

    Thank you for taking the time to help me.


    Hit enter on Books and press enter on the C drive which will show the directories off of the C drive,. Cursur to NV and then issue /E to Expand which will show you the sub directories of C:NV – you should see your different set of books, press enter on one of them.

    If you have only one set of books press enter on the single dot directory (.)



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