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    text {Expected a valid date but encountered “Financial”.}
    /81 {
    .text {Encountered non-digit character ‘F’.}

    When I scroll down the Trial Balance and get to Line 65, I get this message and the remaining lines of the Trial Balance get filled entirely with the word “error”. When I try to print the Trial Balance I will also get the message and it stops printing at Line 65.

    thank you,

    Peter Weber


    Press the F11 key on the column displaying the account amounts and review the begin data and end date in the tan table of the displayed Define Columns window.

    If you cannot see the word Financial, right mouse click on the title bar of your Trial Balance report and select Window > Default Setup > Setup.




    Thanks Martin. The word “Financial” is visible when I use the F11 key. If I then follow the remaining instructions, I get the following message and NewViews crashes:

    .text {Encountered bug “314120030605070452” while running “c:/nv2/nv2.exe” ( on computer “weber2”.}
    .help_id 314120050312171551
    /540 {
    .text {Error occurred in command:odb_destroy}
    /53b {
    .text {Could not delete “/OBJECT/SYSTEM/WINDOW/EXPLORER/MASTER/1190684395_2593”.}
    /53a {
    .text {Error occurred in command:odb_destroy {.destroy_before_skip 1}}
    /539 {
    .log {
    .type bug
    .date 20080407191022
    .nameofexecutable c:/nv2/nv2.exe
    .hostname weber2
    .stack {
    .11 {odb_destroy_kids {.destroy_before_skip 1}}
    .9 ::qw::cls::sOBJECTsSYSTEMsWINDOW::destroy
    .8 destroy
    .7 default_setup_doTheWork
    .6 default_setup
    .5 {active_node_change {} /menu/window/default_setup}
    .4 {active_node_doTheWork ::QW::GUI::WIDGET_CANVAS_TREE::NODE::NODE165}
    .3 {active_node ::QW::GUI::WIDGET_CANVAS_TREE::NODE::NODE165}
    .2 activate
    .bug_id 314120030605070452
    .text {Attempted to delete index /OBJECT/SYSTEM/WINDOW/SCROLLED/TABLE/NEWVIEWS/REPORT/ with 1 records.}
    .priority bug


    Rename the workstation.nv2 file in c:/nv2/ to workstation.old and then run the workstation again and insert your table rows in the is newly created workstation and open the application database. Click setup to perform the Default Window setup when prompted.

    Please email all bug errors to

    Regards to All,


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