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    I ran checkbooks. there were no errors.
    I have a server set up on my workstation under main user, and a workstation set up under a different user.
    Books will open under guest user, until I try to add a new Invoice under Purchase Invoices.
    It was working before Friday. I recently added a second processor and doubled my ram.

    I have a copy of the error on file.

    Encountered bug “314120040830144312” while running “c:/nv2/nv2.exe ( on computer “server”

    Error occurred in command:odb_first

    Encountered bug “314120040830144312” while running “c:/nv2/nv2.exe on computer “server”

    Attempted to call method “”on /OBJECT/NEWVIEWS/SYSTEM/TRANSACTION/PURCHASE/2013Jul17.posting/debit/tax1.amount with args “odb_master”
    This error flashes on screen in guest user multiple times. I eventually have to switch to admin user to clear the errors on the screen

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    I suggest that you backup your current workstation and then on the purchase invoices when where your are encountering this error, right mouse click on the blue title bar and select Windows > Default Setup. Click setup and this error message will not appear.

    You could also restore a workstation backup and continue entering your purchase invoices.

    Backup your workstation at least on a weekly basis.

    Regards to All,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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