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    Hi Martin

    I had a phone call from a customer last night that they were caught with an error and could not get out of the books.

    Here is the situation

    HST account is reconciled at the end of the quarter so we can tell if invoices were deleted or added after a HST report was sent and which quarter the change happened.

    An invoice during the last quarter was invoiced to the wrong customer.
    The easiest way to take care of this is to go to the sales journal and just change the customer account. This usually works with no problem except under these conditions.

    Here is how to create the problem.

    Create an invoice, make certain that the sales item does not have a default selling price.
    Do not enter a quantity or price. Enter an amount and commit the entry.

    Go to the HST account and reconcile the HST for that invoice.
    Go to the sales journal and try to change the customer account for that invoice.
    You should now be caught and cannot do anything except crash the program.

    Something else that I noticed while finding this problem.

    Go through the same steps except do not reconcile the HST. You will notice that all items dollar amounts are cleared.

    If the sales item has a default price, and a quantity is entered, the amounts are not cleared. If you overide the price and change the customer’s account the price reverts to the default price and the item is recalculated.



    Hello Thomas,

    I will try this and post back my results.

    Regards to All,



    I have managed to duplicate this in 2.16.3 and in the alpha version of 2.17. This is a difficult error to fix but I will see if we can stop the endless loop problem for 2.17.

    Regards to All,


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