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    When we switch from a Balance Sheet Style Report to an Income Statement Style Report we keep having to change the view from perpetual to periodic and visa versa.

    I havs used the correct normal rep in setup and tell mutlti column analysis to respect the normal rep yet I keep have to make the multi column analysis switch.
    by using the right mouse Key and changing the rep.

    2 Questions

    What am I doing wrong surely a IS report should by default use Periodic aand a BS report use Perpetual.

    If that cannot be achieved – and I am sure it can then:

    How so I simulate the mouse key strokes on the keyboard


    Click the Accounts button in your Income Statement and select Multiple Period Analysis – Periodic. If the data range is incorrect then right mouse click View > Analysis > Multiple Column Setup (ALT+VAS) and set your values.

    Once set, press F11 or right mouse click Window > Define Columns (ALT+WD) and click the save button and click OK and save your new settings under Current Settings as a Unique Name. Once entered, press the enter key to save.

    Click the Accouts button again and you will see your Unique Name as a selection option under the Accounts button. Repeat this for your Balance Sheet.

    Use the Accounts button to shift between your different reports or F11 and select (ALT+WD).



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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