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    How can I pay an account which has several hundred line items pertaining to amount to be paid, on one check with just the company name, address, amount, date, without printing several voided checks with all the detail.

    We are able to print the detail from the post payment window. I post the payments only, not post and print check. Then after all lines of data have been posted, I find the line item in the ledger, right click, tools, print ap check, but instead of it only printing the check, it prints several with all the detail.

    Can someone assist in this.


    I would just open your check template, create a copy by saving it with a different name and remove everything except the check portion from the template.
    Make certain you save it to the same directory as the original one , then when you have to print a check with no details use this template.



    Go to your Bank Payments Journal (check the journal where you had posted the original AP Payment) and from there right mouse click on the payment and select Print > Checks.

    Since there are no details to print you will get what you want. Once check with no details.

    Regards to all,



    Thanks for your input. I was able to fix the problem by doing just that, I copied the template, deleted the reference sections in the detail portion of the check stub. Now, when I need to print the check without the detail, I can do so quite easily.

    Thanks again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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