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    I just installed Proc Library 12 and Prod Disk 7, but haven’t done the date format changes yet. The first cheque was fine but the second cheque starting to print too far down the voucher. I checked the template with an old set of books and I can’t see any changes. Any ideas?


    Parse the template. If using Dot Matric printer #lines sb 42 and longest line 80. I Laser #lines sb 60 and longest line 80.

    If any of the above don’t match, make corrections in template and re-parse.


    It sounds as if the the template length is too long. Shorten the template by removing lines (/ED) above the @ENDPAGE.

    Do not remove lines in the stub portions of the template.




    We have a significant number of clients that are using NV1 and will continue to use NV1 until you solve the innumerable problems in NV2. We have just installed productivity 7 disk in one client who writes a considerable number of cheques. The client has approximately 200 employees and they have to print cheques one at a time because with each successive cheque printed in a series the alignment changes.All changes suggested by qw page have been made without avail.

    Even if all the changes have been made and the cheques print correctly during that session, when a new session is entered the cheques revert to printing incorrectly.

    We and our clients have been using NV1 for about 20 years and we have been relatively happy with the performance of NV1, this, however, is a most annoying and aggravating problem.

    It is extremely frustrating to hear from QW Page support people that the productivity disk should change nothing when in fact it does.I find this totally unsatisfying.


    I have switched all my clients to the new cheque format with PD7, without any printing problems.

    Rather than use the new templates, I copied the old templates and modified them for the new changes. This was much easier than trying to modify the new ones.


    Re: Cheque Printing, JLanno, February 19, 2007 02:37PM, “have to print cheques one at a time because with each successive cheque printed in a series the alignment changes”.

    This can happen, but I have never seen it to be a problem to solve.

    First: Are they using a laser or dot-matrix printer?

    Assuming it is a laser then the solution has alway’s been to:

    – Make sure the end of the template looks like this:

    @ENDITEMS (it there is a stub at the bottom)


    – PARSE the template and make sure that at the end of the PARSE the result reports “Form length:” as 59 or less with (+ form feed) after it.

    Why? Most laster printers, at 6 lines per inch, have a maximum page length of 60 lines (This will vary sometimes, but not by much.) If the PARSE result is 59 lines plus a form-feed then the cheque output will fit on the printed page, and the form-feed ensures that the cheque form will be ejected and a snew one started at that point. In 20 years I have never seen this fail – but you sometimes have to experiment with the total number of lines.

    Now, on a dot-matrix printer, you are in a different world. Her a cheque form is normally 7.5″. Take 7.5 and multiply it by 6 lines/inch and you get 42 lines. Now your cheque template should PARSE to *exactly* 42 lines, and you must *not* put an @FF at the bottom (which ejects an 11 inch page – not a 7.5 inch one.) Now, if you find the cheque ‘creeping’ up or down from one cheque to the next it’s because the printer is not printing at a proper 6 lines per inch. If that’s the case then report the printer make/model and someone can research the proper Esc codes to set it to that line spacing.

    The bottom line is that I have never run across a printing problem like the one you describe that cannot be fixed very easily. The only exceptions were odd-ball printers that could not print at six lines per inch no matter what you did – and that was certainly not NV’s fault.

    If none of the above solves the problem, then please report back with the exact printer make & model.

    Bob Halpin

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