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    Dear Martin:

    I have to keep a company book who sells spareparts. They want to keep track of the movement of each sparepart. Some 200 items.

    It seems that NV2 need to set up 3 ledger account to track the movement of each sparepart. 1 for physical inventory. 2nd for Sale Account 3. For the COGS of the part.

    Is this the only way? I need to know only each sparepart movement, not each sales amount of each part nor the cost of each sparepart. They can be grouped.

    Is there other more convenient way?

    Look forward to your recommendations.


    Wichat Trakarnchatree


    Dear Wichat Trakarnchatree:

    You can create an account for every inventory item and then just one Sales and Cost of Goods Sold account and link all invenory items to the inventory account and the one Cost of Goods Sold account.

    Reagrds to All,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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